A new paradigm in particle analytics


Optimizing performance starts at the particle liquid interface.

The Acorn Area measures particles in about 5 minutes, just as they are made, in any liquid, at any concentration: no dilution, drying, or any sample preparation whatsoever.


The Drop performs size measurements of high concentration, high viscosity, opaque and light-sensitive emulsions non-destructively, without dilution.


The Flow enables the user to measure the influence of additives such as surfactants and dispersants on the particle-liquid interface of nanoparticle dispersions. Surfactants are among the most important and the most expensive components in a nanoparticulate dispersion, and optimizing their concentration maximizes formulation stability and profitability.


Measures the same parameters as our laboratory machines, but in a process monitoring package.

Vasco Kin Particle Sizer

The VASCO KIN, is the most advanced particle size analyzer in the World, only available from Cordouan Technologies. This patented device has many compelling advantages: -In Situ Fiberoptic Probe enables noninvasive measurements through any transparent medium, a vial, beaker, syringe wall and packaging, a sight glass of a reactor, etc. -Multimodal analysis in addition to Cumulant analysis, Pade Laplace and Sparse Bayesian Learning algorithms provide important information hidden in a typical cumulant analysis, providing more accurate size distributions than cumulant analysis for multimodal distributions. -High Speed Data Acquisition with Time Slicing enables rapid kinetic data acquisition to monitor a variety of kinetic phenomena as a consequence of proprietary patented software based correlation algorithms. The Vasco Kin has several options available depending on your sample requirements: -Cuvette Head For conventional sample in cuvette data, a thermoelectric controller is available for measurements from 5-80°C -Patented Differential Thickness Controlled Head for high concentration samples with measurements from 15 to 70°C. -Zeta Potential Option Cordouan offers a package deal of two instruments, one for zeta potential measurements, Wallis, for customers interested in both zeta potential and size measurements. This enables customers to make both size and zeta potential measurements simultaneously.

Wallis Zeta Potential analyzer

WALLIS utilizes Laser Doppler Electrophoresis (LDE) to determine the zeta potential of particles in liquids. An alternating electrical field/voltage is applied between two electrodes immersed deeply in the colloidal suspension; because of electrostatic forces, the charged particles located in between the electrodes undergo a translational motion (electrophoresis). The speed (v ) is directly proportional to the applied electrical field by a factor μe called the electrophoretic mobility. This parameter μe is determined in a very accurate manner by measuring the corresponding Doppler frequency shift fDoppler using a high sensitivity optical heterodyne interferometer scheme

Vasco Particle Size Analyzer

The Vasco Particle Size Analyzer utilizes a patented thin film technology that enables rapid particle size measurements using dynamic light scattering of concentrated suspensions up to 40% without sample preparation. Particle size : 0,5 nm – 10 μm Concentration : 0.1ppm – 40%w/v Temperature: 15 – 90 C Optical filter option to improve measurements on fluorescent samples On-line sample cell option → size kinetics study NanoQ proprietary software Compliant with ISO 13 321 – Particle size analysis – Photon correlation Spectroscopy & ISO 22 412 – Particle size analysis – Dynamic Light Scattering

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About US

XiGo Nanotools particle technology measures the particle liquid interface of suspensions without dilution, providing a sensitive tool for research and development as well as quality assurance.
Particle Analytics down to a Science

You don't have to be a "nanotechnologist" in order to generate meaningful results. Our software is designed so that measurements can be performed with little operator training, making our technology accessible to R&D and QC/QA/in-Process applications. Xigo’s patented technology is based on nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) and, although small in size, functions as a portable NMR machine, capable of a wide range of standard NMR tests in addition to surface area measurements. Xigo seeks to provide devices that help scientists, researchers and corporations improve the performance of nanomaterials ushering the transition of these materials from the research laboratory to commercial applications.

Market Applications

Broad Industrial Use
Develop electronic dispersions and monitor the quality of those dispersions in manufacturing.
The Acorn Area is an ideal tool to develop electronic dispersions and then later, to monitor the quality of those dispersions in manufacturing.
Solutions for capture, transfer, and storage challenges.
For scientists looking for revolutionary or novel solutions for the energy capture, transfer, and storage challenges of the 21st century.
Optimize chemical and physical stability and develop the most cost effective manufacturing strategy for a given dosage form.
Optimize drug product characteristics such as pharmacokinetics and chemical and physical stability at the same time using the most cost effective manufacturing strategy for a given dosage form.
Pigments, Coatings, Adhesives
Pigments, Coatings, Adhesives
Determine the wetted surface area of suspensions and slurries.
No particle analyzer was available to determine the wetted surface area of suspensions and slurries, until now.

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