July 21, 2015


flow measures SurfactantsAcorn Area is a particle surface area analyzer that can be operated with a desktop, laptop or PDA. This lightweight & portable droplet size analyzer is designed for use in the R&D or the QC laboratory and to measure the surface area of particles or droplets dispersed in any type of liquid.

The Acorn Flow similar to the Acorn Area, but enables the user to circulate the sample from an external beaker to the cassette where the sample is measured and then returned to the sample beaker via peristaltic pump. The sample temperature may be regulated using the Peltier regulated Controller shown in the picture below. An external stirrer may be used to keep particles in suspension while they reside inside the beaker waiting to be measured. The Acorn Flow enables the user to measure the influence of additives such as surfactants and dispersants on the particle-liquid interface of nanoparticle dispersions. Surfactants are among the most expensive components in a nanoparticulate dispersion, and optimization of their concentration is important in maximizing formulation profitability. The presence of surface active agents on the nanoparticle surface markedly alters the relaxation time of the dispersion until complete coverage of the particle surface area is achieved. Thereafter, additional surfactant does not change the relaxation time significantly. The Acorn Flow is also invaluable in monitoring other changes at the particle liquid interface, such as flocculation. The Acorn Flow is an ideal tool for use in formulation development in virtually any industry, yet is simple enough for routine use in a quality laboratory.

The Acorn Flow temperature controller is shown below. It features a Peltier controlled environment which regulates the sample temperature via the front panel. The sample temperature is set from the front panel membrane keypad.

Measurements with the Acorn Flow are simple and easy. Suspensions and emulsions can be measured non-invasively, without dilution. Pour the sample dispersion into the Acorn Flow Temperature Controller beaker and circulate the sample into the Acorn Flow using the peristaltic pump. The test sequence is initiated with a single key stroke and within minutes, the proprietary AreaQuant software algorithm reports the measured surface area.

Acorn Flow Specifications:

Maximum Fluid Pressure: 4 bars

Interface: PC via USB

VOltage: 100-240 VAC 50/60 Hz

Power Consumption: 120 Watts

LxWxH: 270x360x140 mm

Wt.: 7 kg

Acorn Flow Temperature Controller Specifications:

Temperature range: 10-75 Celsius

Voltage: 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 1.5A

Setting Resolution: 0.1Celsius

Power Consumption: 60 Watts

LxWxH: 240x260x165 mmWt: 3.5 kg


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