Graphene oxide solutions found with Acorn Area, again

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Graphene Paper published in Applied MAterials


A study published in the current edition of Applied Materials and Interfaces journal finds new applications for graphene oxide now that it can be reliably stored and redissolved in various solvents.

With the Acorn Area™, Dr. Gao and associates from Zhejiang University and the Joint Graphene Center, studied the unfolding (DU) of a new, flower-shaped single layered graphene oxide (fGO) during dissolution. Using nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) solutions relaxation measurements pioneered by Xigo and unique to the Acorn Area, they discovered that polymer dissolution mechanisms of linear polymers extends to two-dimensional macromolecules, like GO.

“Our findings not only provide a solution for the problems in the transportation, storage and applications of GO, but also open a new way to adjust the microstructure of crumpled GO in large scale.”