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Seoul, Korea, September 23, 2016- The Sales and Support departments of Hwashin Instruments recently completed sales and applications training for XiGo’s patented NMR based dispersion measuring technology at their offices in Seoul, Korea.

XiGo Nanotools instruments provide an unprecedented level of sensitivity to changes in the wetted surfaces of particles in concentrated dispersions. Measurements take just a few minutes, require no sample preparation and provide valuable information useful for optimizing performance, throughput and quality.

Sean Race, XiGo President, comments: “I am delighted to have such a strong partner in this important industrial market. Hwashin’s staff has a long standing involvement in rheologcal instruments from Brookfield and powder processing equipment from Buchi. This background fits perfectly with XiGo’s focus on concentrated dispersions. Hwashin has an experienced, customer oriented stable workforce and a complete applications laboratory perfect for supporting our present and future customers in Korea.”

hwashin-picK. C. Lee, Hwashin Instrument New Product Line Development Director, comments: “We are very fortunate to have such high quality XiGo NMR instruments in our product range and can quite anticipate synergy effect in combination with our other products and well-organized workforce. We do hope that this will serve as a momentum to take a step forward to meet our customers’ ever-increasing demands.”

Xigo Nanotools is a leading source of NMR based particle characterization instrumentation. Our product lines include the Acorn Area Particle Surface Analyzer and the Acorn Drop, Emulsion Analyzer. Our products are sold through a strong network of international distributors. XiGo Nanotools responds with excellence to customer needs and offers application expertise and technical support. For more information please contact:

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Mr. Sean Race

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