Makino KK introduces Wet Milling Process Monitoring using XiGo Nanotools Acorn Flow

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Real Time On-Line Wetted Surface Area Measurements

Powtex, Osaka, Japan October 16, 2015:

Makino Company KK presented online mill slurry monitoring using Xigo Nanotools Acorn Flow. XiGo’s patented NMR based dispersion measuring technology provides an unprecedented level of sensitivity to changes in the wetted surface area of concentrated dispersions. Real time monitoring of the milling process enables manufacturing engineers to optimize the particle dispersion process for maximum quality.

Makino Mills & Acorn Flow OSakaThe demonstration of Makino mills and XiGo measuring technology extends work previously presented by Masatake Kamitani demonstrating the excellent correlation between XiGo’s wetted surface area measurements and dry powder BET measurements. Sean Race, XiGo President, comments: ” It is one of my dreams to see our laboratory base
d measurement extended to process monitoring by Makino. We have been working together for two years now to demonstrate this game changing approach to particle dispersion in liquids. We now have the ability to follow the complete product life cycle using XiGo technology, beginning with research, analyzing milligram quantities of sample using our lab based instruments, to online production monitoring where we can control quality for hundreds of kilograms of material at a time. Scale up is one of the most challenging parts of particle based products, and I am happy to offer this solution to the process industry in partnership with Makino Company. I believe that they are visionaries in the process world, leading the industry in process equipment technology.”

Xigo Nanotools is a leading source of NMR based particle characterization instrumentation. Our product lines include the Acorn Area Particle Surface Analyzer and the Acorn Drop, Emulsion Analyzer. Our products are sold through a strong network of international distributors. XiGo Nanotools responds with excellence to customer needs and offers application expertise and technical support.

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