Xigo Particle Analyzers for Batteries, Electronics, and Pharma at JASIS 2019

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Jasis 2019 Booth

September, 2019

Xigo Nanotools exhibited the Acorn Area, Vasco Kin, and Amerigo Particle Size/Surface Analyzers.  Cordouan Tech exhibited the new Amerigo and the Vasco Kin .  Vasco Kin is the Worlds only contactless DLS probe. Contactless measuring is also available with Amerigo. Sean Race, XiGo’s president, commented: “Kin’s ability to measure nanoparticles in a glass syringe is unique.  This new solution to nanoparticle analysis has many benefits. For example,  detecting protein aggregation, during manufacturing.”

The Acorn Area measures the surface of concentrated particles in liquids.  It is the ideal tool for formulation development. With exquisite sensitivity to the smallest particles, any changes in the particle liquid interface such as surfactant/polymer adsorption or desorption may be studied. The Area operates at high concentration, making it possible to study milling and grinding in concentrated suspensions.  Click here to see a demonstration of the Area.

The Vasco Kin’s patented flexible probe can be used to measure small particles in liquids without contacting the sample, in a syringe, glass beaker, or a reactor.   Virtually any transparent container can separate the probe from the sample.  High speed data  and advanced optics, make the Vasco Kin ideal for processes such as protein aggregation.