The Acorn Drop uses patented nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) technology to measure emulsion or foam droplet size and distribution, entirely without dilution. Simply place 0.5 ml of sample in a 5mm tube, insert it into the Drop and press START. The results are available a few minutes later. In contrast, conventional particle sizing techniques such as laser diffraction require extensive dilution of the emulsion in order to measure droplet size.

The measuring range of the Acorn Drop is extremely broad – from 10nm to 100 microns. High concentration, highly viscous, opaque and light-sensitive emulsions can be measured directly as well as nano or or micro emulsions (that cannot be diluted due to their composition dependence). Our approach is nondestructive – the same sample emulsion can be studied minutes, days or weeks later, facilitating analysis of emulsion stability.

Measuring Emulsions: How it works

The XiGo Acorn Drop is a nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer (NMR) configured to provide 1-dimensional imaging and diffusion. The spin-echo of the emulsion or foam is measured as a function of the space between magnetic field gradient pulses. The attenuation of the echo as a function of gradient spacing determines the diffusion coefficient and the corresponding droplet size.

dropdiagram, emulsions


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