The VASCO KIN particle size analyzer from Cordouan Technologies. This patented device has many compelling advantages:
  • Patented contactless Fiberoptic Probe enables noninvasive measurements through any transparent medium. A vial, beaker, syringe, reactor sight glass, are possible.
  • Multimodal analysis via Pade Laplace and Sparse Bayesian Learning algorithms provide important information hidden in a cumulant analysis. Ideal for the most accurate size distributions.
  • High Speed Data Acquisition with Time Slicing enables rapid kinetic data acquisition. A variety of kinetic phenomena may be studied using patented software.
  • The Vasco Kin has several options available depending on your sample requirements:
  • Cuvette Head For conventional sample in cuvette data, a thermoelectric controller is available for measurements from 5-80°C
  • Patented Differential Thickness Controlled Head for high concentration samples with measurements from 15 to 70°C.
  • Zeta Potential Option Cordouan offers a package deal of two instruments, one for zeta potential measurements, Wallis, for customers interested in both zeta potential and size measurements. This enables customers to make both size and zeta potential measurements simultaneously.