Thetis Nanoparticle Size & Shape Analyzer

Cordouan Technologies Thetis incorporates the latest developments in particle analytical technology into the world’s most sophisticated particle size and shape analyzer. Thetis uses Real Time and Time Resolved Depolarized Dynamic Light Scattering (TR-DDLS) to determine particle size and shape. Particle aspect ratios from 2 to 50 are possible.  Thetis includes Cordouan Technologies fiber optic technology patented in 2016. The high throughput sub-us photon counting (HTSP) and acquisition patents in Thetis enables the most rapid dynamic light scattering possible.

Thetis enables measurements using continuously variable angles from 30-160 degrees via an automatic motorized control and detection system to eliminate potential bias that might occur with single angle DLS systems. HTSP™ software algorithms and hardware provide the use unparalleled access to the raw data, allowing the user to review data capture and reanalyze if necessary. The user has complete flexibility in time slicing the data stream as required. A size data point can be obtained in as little as 200ms, so that kinetic data can be analyzed at a level never before possible in a DLS system.

With decades of experience in fiber optic technology and particle analysis, Courdouan has over 200 customers using their equipment at the world’s leading universities and research institutes. Thetis is Cordouan’s answer to the needs of the most sophisticated scientists in particle analysis. It combines all of the knowledge and power associated with Cordouan’s most sophisticated particle analysis devices into the most flexible, and accurate system available on the market today.

While other manufacturers rely on decades old technology in their offerings, Cordouan has used their expertise and innovation to incorporate some of the most sophisticated particle analysis intellectual property and expertise into a world class instrument suitable for
all applications.

Particle Size Measurements

There are three different algorithms available to determine particle size and distribution.  The particle size distribution of many real life systems isn’t monomodal.  Cumulants, the historical algorithm to analyze light scattering data forces a single mode gaussian distribution to scattering data, whether it is representative of the sample or not.  Cordouan offers Pade Laplace (multiexponential discrete) and SBL (Sparce Bayesian Learning, multiexponential, continuous) size distribution fitting at no additional charge.

Particle Size Distributions

Particle Shape Measurements

Thetis is an innovative particle analyzer dedicated to the characterization of non-spherical nanoparticle suspensions. when spherical particles scatter light, no photons are detected at the VH sensor. However, when non-spherical particles are measured, light is detected at both the VV and VH sensors.

Protein Denaturation

Proteins may change shape in response to a change in temperature or other parameters.  Depending on the structure of the protein, the shapes that are formed may not be complex. Understanding the changes that proteins undergo in response to changes in temperature or other conditions can provide valuable information about the performance of proteins in biopharmaceuticals and other industries.  It is important that proteins may be studied in their native solution to better understand the molecular dynamics of protein structure.