Acorn Area Demo

Demonstrating typical 5-minute measurement with the Acorn Area

Graphene Webinar

Wetted Surface Analysis and Characterization of Graphene, Graphene Oxide, and Nanographite Dispersions using NMR Liquid Relaxation.

Acorn Area Tutorial

Exploring Surfaces with the Acorn Area Part One:

  1. Exploring Surfaces with the Acorn Area
  2. Measure Suspensions without Dilution
  3. Wetted Surface Analysis using NMR Relaxation
  4. Powerful Surface Analysis Technology

Exploring Surfaces with the Acorn Area Part Two:

  1. NMR Relaxation: Time & Rate
  2. NMR: T1 v. T2
  3. T1 & T2: Surface Chemistry
  4. Wetted Surface Analysis: Nonporous Materials
  5. Wetted Surface Analysis: Porous Materials


Using AreaQuant Software